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Legal English: Komisarjevsky's Motion for Change of Venue Questions

  1. What was Komisarjevsky’s basis for filing a motion for change of venue?
  2. Who did he call as a witness and what did that witness testify to?
  3. What were some of the questions asked in the telephone poll conducted by the witness and his team?
  4. What was exhibit A1 and why was it relevant?
  5. Can a Connecticut judge order the change of venue sought?
  6. What is the standard that needs to be met in issuing such an order?
  7. What is the moving party’s burden of proof?
  8. What is the importance of Rideau v. Louisiana, 373 U.S. 723 (1963) in this motion debate?
  9. What is the importance of Skilling v. United States?
  10. What were the four factors considered by the court in deciding this motion?
  11. What is the relevance of the timing of the motion relative to the voir dire process in this case?
  12. Can prospective jurors exhibit any knowledge of the facts of a case?
  13. According to the state, what is the problem with the statistical nature of the evidence presented by the defendant in support of the motion?
  14. What was the prosecution’s point about the voir dire process and venire persons?

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