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Prime 8: What Lies Ahead (2)

Artificial Organ Regrowth - NOVA scienceNOW


  • An artificial lung ____________________ (to grow) in a laboratory.
  • In the future, spare organs _____________________ (to manufacture) in a facility somewhere and ________________________ (to keep) in jars until they ___________________(to need).
  • The organs _______________________ (to accept) by transplant patients, and _______________________ (to reject) because they ________________________ (to make) from the patient’s own cells.
  • If identical, ideal organ replacements _________________________ (to develop) for each patient from his/her own cells, donors __________________________ (to need).
  • Organs _______________________ (only - to grow) without a body if a structure or scaffold _________________________ (to build) for cells to develop on.

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