domingo, 13 de março de 2011

Legal English: Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)


DOMA Section 3

In Policy Shift, President Orders Halt to Legal Defense of Marriage Law

Attorney General Eric Holder letter to House Speaker John Boehner
Second Circuit Cases

DOJ Files DOMA Defense in First Circuit Cases

DOJ Letter to US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit

The DOJ DOMA Defense brief in the First Circuit:

The District Court Rulings:
Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. United States Department of Health and Human Services et al

Gill  et al v. Office of Personnel Management et al


Justice Will No Longer Defend Marriage Law

Gay Couples Challenge Defense Of Marriage Act

DOMA Defense FAQ

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  1. Teacher,

    This is just one case in Brasil that shows how our country acts in similar cases.
    See you tomorow!!