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Legal English: Stem cell vocab

Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit __________ the Obama administration's request for an emergency stay Thursday, lifting the ban on stem cell research. The Obama administration __________ the stay Wednesday after Judge Royce Lamberth of the US District Court for the District of Columbia on Tuesday denied a __________ to stay his preliminary injunction issued in August. The appeals court granted the temporary stay so it could have "sufficient opportunity to consider the ____________" of the Obama's administration's emergency motion for stay. The court ordered the _________ to respond to the emergency motion by September 14, and the Obama administration has until September 20 to reply.
(sought / merits / motion / appellees / granted)

Earlier this month, the Obama administration __________ the injunction, _______ that Lamberth's ruling was ___________ , endangering an array of research across multiple programs and centers while only serving a very attenuated economic interest of the _____________ in the case. According to the ____________, the injunction threatens 24 research projects, more than 1,300 jobs and $64 million in funding, as well as potentially millions of Americans who may benefit from medical advances in the field of stem cell research. Last year, President Barack Obama signed an executive order [JURIST report] permitting federal funding for some __________ of embryonic stem cell research. Despite the executive order, Lambert __________ that evidence showed that the plaintiffs were substantially likely to __________ based on existing law.



…a lawsuit ________ the use of public money for the research and a conservative shift in Congress could leave the field more sharply _______ than it has been since its inception a decade ago. ______ are about 1,300 jobs, as well as _______ from the National Institutes of Health that this year total more than $200 million and support more than 200 projects.

(restricted / grants / challenging / at stake)

In August, Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth of Federal District Court for the District of Columbia ________ that the Obama administration’s ________ violates a law _____ federal financing for “research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed, discarded or _______ subjected to risk of ________ or death,” and ________ an injunction blocking federal money for the research.

(policy / found / issued / barring / knowingly / injury)

Since then, the field’s fate has appeared to shift almost weekly as the _________ wends its way through the courts. Last week, the government ______ the right from an appeals court to continue financing the contested research while it _______ the _____. But there is no telling how the appeals court will ultimately rule, and Judge Lamberth could issue a _______ injunction.

(won / ruling / lawsuit / revised / appeals)

Under ________ authorized by both the Bush and Obama _________, work that leads directly to destroying the embryos cannot be ________ financed. The government can, however, _________ subsequent research on the cell lines created by that process.

(administrations / federally / guidelines / support)

Last year, two scientists _______ the lawsuit, _______ that the distinction is a false one and that the guidelines on public financing _______ the Dickey-Wicker _______, first passed in 1996 and renewed by Congress every year since.

(arguing / filed / amendment / violated)

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